Sudden Rain

This is one of my first air-brush work. Many more to follow!
You can find and purchase the original, or some prints at Fine Art America:


The Farewell

This is my latest encaustic work. 24 x 30", or 60 x 80 cm
You can find the price at the Price List, under Skilled Encaustics.
You can find a WIP, with close-ups here:



Dance of the Nerves

This is a pencil drawing that I started to draw more than a year ago, stopped at the left part, and now I felt the need to complete it; this is the result. It took some "nerve-cracking" days to bite me through...:)
The second image shows a close-up to see the details.

Pencil drawing on paper, 14 x 19", or 36 x 48 cm,
Available. You can find it at the Graphics in the Price list.


Winter at the Lake

This is my latest, small ink-painting, made some days ago to make me cool down in the heat...
Chinese ink on watercolor paper, 8 x 5", or 20 x 14 cm. Available
It belongs to the American watercolor-series.


Hungarian Poppies - framed

I think I found the best frame to my newest encaustic: Hungarian Poppies
You can find it under Skilled Encaustics at the Price list.


Hungarian Poppies - Encaustic Work In Progress

I'd like to share here a step by step development about my latest encaustic work. I combined here the hot-wax method, with the electric tools: encaustic iron, encaustic-pen and hot-air gun, but the fine details were painted by the new medium: AQWAX, using brushes and water and it worked wonderful.
I could make layers over the original hot-wax, without a risk, that it would melt. This new medium opens new perspective in encaustic, because very pleasant and easy to work with.
The support: canvas-board, size: 12 x 16", or 30 x 40 cm.
High quality, limited edition prints and greeting cards are available.

So How it started:



This is my second try to test the new medium: Aqwax. The background here was made by hot-wax, using iron + hot-air gun, the butterfly was painted by Aqwax. It is a joy to use this new medium, Try to go bigger size now...



This is the first, little piece trying the new medium: AQWAX. It works wonderful, very easy to work with: it is a combination of watercolor, oil and encaustic, having all the benefits of the other mediums. I'll make a bigger one now, combine with the regular waxes. It is a joy to paint with this. I used Aquaboard from Ampersand as a support.


Rex - My first children's book illustrations

This was made 10 years ago in Vienna, Austria. That time there was a very successful criminal series on TV, in the main role a dog, called Rex. This small story was created for kids, about Rex and his childhood.I tried to portray the real Rex...


Poster and Text of invitation

Here is the poster that I made for our upcoming exhibition at the Pollard Gallery, in Kenosha:
I show you the text, at the backside of the flyer, too.

My new watercolors

These two, new watercolor paintings were made for the upcoming exhibition in Kenosha. Both are 17 x 12.8", or 43 x 32 cm, on Arches hot pressed watercolor paper. Prices at the Price list, under American watercolors.
"Kenosha, Lighthouse"  and "The Library of Kenosha"

Encaustic demo

Well, the demo was very successful, the kids loved encaustic, one girl repeated more times: "It is amazing that you do here"...made me smile...I hope some of them want to take classes at my studio, too.
Here are some photos about the demonstration.


Encaustic demo

I'll give an encaustic demonstration at Society's Assets (5200 Washington Ave, suite 225, Racine, WI 53406) tomorrow, from 1:45 - 3:00 PM. For kids and adults!


Framed watercolors

I got some nice frames, so I could frame some of my American and Hungarian watercolors, that will be displayed in different exhibitions.
Sorry for the reflections...


Our Poster

This will be a Big Day: first time we open our studio for public. Hopefully many visitors will come! I'll make an encaustic demonstration from  2 PM.
More than 80 original paintings of mine are hanging on the walls all around of our apartment and several framed prints of John's digital designs, as well.