Rex - My first children's book illustrations

This was made 10 years ago in Vienna, Austria. That time there was a very successful criminal series on TV, in the main role a dog, called Rex. This small story was created for kids, about Rex and his childhood.I tried to portray the real Rex...


Poster and Text of invitation

Here is the poster that I made for our upcoming exhibition at the Pollard Gallery, in Kenosha:
I show you the text, at the backside of the flyer, too.

My new watercolors

These two, new watercolor paintings were made for the upcoming exhibition in Kenosha. Both are 17 x 12.8", or 43 x 32 cm, on Arches hot pressed watercolor paper. Prices at the Price list, under American watercolors.
"Kenosha, Lighthouse"  and "The Library of Kenosha"

Encaustic demo

Well, the demo was very successful, the kids loved encaustic, one girl repeated more times: "It is amazing that you do here"...made me smile...I hope some of them want to take classes at my studio, too.
Here are some photos about the demonstration.