Hungarian Poppies - framed

I think I found the best frame to my newest encaustic: Hungarian Poppies
You can find it under Skilled Encaustics at the Price list.


Hungarian Poppies - Encaustic Work In Progress

I'd like to share here a step by step development about my latest encaustic work. I combined here the hot-wax method, with the electric tools: encaustic iron, encaustic-pen and hot-air gun, but the fine details were painted by the new medium: AQWAX, using brushes and water and it worked wonderful.
I could make layers over the original hot-wax, without a risk, that it would melt. This new medium opens new perspective in encaustic, because very pleasant and easy to work with.
The support: canvas-board, size: 12 x 16", or 30 x 40 cm.
High quality, limited edition prints and greeting cards are available.

So How it started:



This is my second try to test the new medium: Aqwax. The background here was made by hot-wax, using iron + hot-air gun, the butterfly was painted by Aqwax. It is a joy to use this new medium, Try to go bigger size now...



This is the first, little piece trying the new medium: AQWAX. It works wonderful, very easy to work with: it is a combination of watercolor, oil and encaustic, having all the benefits of the other mediums. I'll make a bigger one now, combine with the regular waxes. It is a joy to paint with this. I used Aquaboard from Ampersand as a support.