Door of Dreams

 My new encaustic work, with a new medium: Master Paste Original (MPO™ ), mixed with oil paint.
12 x 16", or 30 x 40 cm on Ampersand cradle-board.
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HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY NEWS!!! I sold two of my original paintings today! Thank you for the buyer, who broke the ice!!! I'm really happy now...:))


FRAGILE - my new painting

FRAGILE - my latest work: airbrush watercolor + encaustic,
30 x 30", or 76 x 76 cm on Ampersand board
You can find a WIP, with more close-ups and description about the process:
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Winter Beauty

This is my new work with a combination of two mediums: airbrush-watercolor +encaustic (hot wax).
You can find a WIP at Facebook:


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Frozen Beauty

Finally finished my next experiment, combining the two mediums: airbrush-watercolor, as a background, and encaustic (hot wax + water-soluble wax). It seems to me, working well, although I need more practice. So the adventure will continued: a winter series: this is the first piece:
"Frozen Beauty"
You can find a WIP, with more photos about this progress, at Facebook:
https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150523328222251.367054.371960717250&type=1Description and price at the Price list, under Airbrush-works



My latest work
An emotional self-portrait + a close-up from the painting

Painted the background above with airbrush-watercolor, then the portrait and the foreground below with self made-wax-paint, using the iron, stylus (with also a calligraphy pen-nib included), hot air-gun, and finally for the very fine layers and final details: aqwax, the water-soluble wax, with finest hair-brushes. Was a great challenge!

You can find a WIP, with explanation, under the photos:

Price and size at the Price list, at the end of Skilled encaustics


Autumn Leaves

This was painted with a new method: I painted the background and the first layer of the leaves with airbrush-watercolor, then I made the fine details on the leaves and on the branch with the regular way of watercolor, using fine brushes. This is that I'll develop further with my next works.